Materials to Bring to Your First Meeting
Financial planning advice is best given when the advisor has a good understanding of your personal goals and objectives, fears and concerns, and dreams and aspirations. Therefore, it is imperative to your future financial success that we are able to obtain your complete financial information—not just a part of your financial affairs. We request that you provide full details on personal assets, investments, pensions, and real estate. Below is a list of the documents and information we request that you bring to your first meeting with Hansen Financial MV.

  • The names and contact information of individuals who provide you with advice related to your finances (attorney, accountant, banker, insurance agent, etc.)  
  • Most recent IRS tax return  
  • Most recent 401(k) statement  
  • Money market statements  
  • Brokerage account statements  
  • IRA statements  
  • Life insurance policies and most current annual statement  
  • Long-term care policies  
  • A copy of your will/trust  
  • Your spouse or any other person with whom you will be making financial decisions

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