We provide highly personalized service to individuals, couples, and business owners. Though our firm does not have a set minimum of investable assets, we find that our services work best for those with at least $500,000. Our clients are looking to consolidate their assets and simplify their finances by delegating the day-to-day portfolio and financial planning to someone that cares about them and their families. Our clients exude the following qualities:

  • Desire to delegate. Our clients want to spend less time on their finances and more time doing what they really enjoy. They view us as their personal CFO and understand that our role is to provide them with honest, smart, and relevant financial guidance.
  • Genuinely nice. Our clients are some of the nicest people we know. We find that working with people who we genuinely enjoy spending time with makes our partnership work best.
  • Serious about their finances. Our clients are serious about making smart, informed decisions and have worked hard to save their money and achieve their financial goals.
  • Open to introducing our practice to others. Our clients realize that our relationship helps them achieve their ambitious financial goals, and in turn, they are eager to refer us to others they care about.